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The Ada County Republican Central Committee

We are a politically-minded volunteer group promoting Republican Philosophy.

Welcome to the official Ada County Republican Central Committee website. The core of this politically minded volunteer group are the Precinct Committeemen who are elected by the registered members of the Republican Party in Ada County.

The mission of the Ada County Republican Central Committee is to promote the Republican Philosophy, build and strengthen the Republican Party from the grassroots up, and elect Republican candidates.

The functions of the County Central Committee are to:

  • Serve as the governing body of the Ada County Republican Party;

  • Facilitate cooperation among Ada County Republican Party members;

  • Advise the Idaho Republican Party regarding the development of policies and functions; and

  • Implement the polices and functions of the Idaho Republican Party.

Concerned about the future financial and physical security of America? We invite you to attend our meetings and events held throughout the year to learn how you can become part of the political solution. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and allow others to determine the future of America. We must engage in the political process of electing candidates who will uphold our Republican Philosophy and Principles.

Please use this website for current meeting and event information, contact information, and the opportunity to make comments. We have also provided the opportunity to make financial contributions which will help us counter the vast amount of special interest money trying to elect candidates opposed to Republican ideals.

Local Contacts

Ada County Republican Staff

Victor B. Miller IV


Steve Bender


Megan Reichle


p: (208) 863-1912

e: adagopsec@gmail.com

Megan C. Landen

1st Vice Chair

gus Powell

2nd Vice Chair

e: adagopsecondvicechair@gmail.com

Jeffrey M. Ehlers

3rd Vice Chair

Region IV

Edward R. Humphreys


State Committee People

S. Max Brown

State Committeeman

Tracey L. Koellisch

State Committeewoman

Jacob R. Cluff

State Youth Committeeperson

Legislative Districts 14 - 22

Michael E. Tomlin

District 14

Codi Galloway

District 15

Graham Paterson

district 16

Dan Minnaert

District 17

Megan C. Landen

District 18

Lynn S. Farrell-Bradescu

district 19

Mark S. Johnson

district 20

Michele Jarvis

district 21

Valerie James

district 22

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